Alabama Open Container Laws

Alabama Open Container Laws
Whether police found you with an open alcohol container in public or in your vehicle, you’re facing serious consequences. Your first step should be to contact experienced DUI defense attorney Whitney A. Polson. Whitney Polson has represented clients charged with an open container violation and knows how to win your case and protect your rights.

Understanding the penalties you could be facing for violating an open container law in Alabama

For many citizens charged with an open container law violation, this is their first run-in with the law. If there were no serious factors surrounding your case and this is your first charge, you’ll likely only be facing a fine. However, if you were arrested for DUI and police found an open container of alcohol in your vehicle, you’ll be facing serious consequences in addition to the penalties for a DUI conviction. In many states, if your passenger was found with an open alcohol container in your vehicle, you can still be charged with an open container violation.

What you need to know about the open container law

Many citizens are not aware that open container laws are legislated by the federal government. Instead, it is left up to states and local municipalities to regulate and enforce such laws. However, that does not take the federal government out of the mix. At the federal level, they have created certain incentives to states for enforcing the open container law.

They have established the Transportation Equity Act for the 21 st century to aid them in this process. Under this act, states must follow their guidelines if they want to receive highway funding from the federal government. In the event that a state does not adhere to the rules, some of their highway funds will instead be diverted to alcohol awareness programs.

In addition to the open container in vehicles laws, many states have also made it illegal for a person to have an open alcohol container in public. This means that if you are found on the street with an open container of alcohol, you can be charged with this violation.

If you were charged with an open container violation, immediately contact defense attorney Whitney A. Polson!